Perinatal Support

How we help

We work with parents and families during the antenatal and postnatal periods, providing support in relation to:

  • Preconception and Fertility Issues

    For those navigating preconception and fertility concerns, our team provides understanding support, offering guidance and coping strategies.

  • Pregnancy-Related Anxiety and Mood Difficulties

    We recognise the emotional challenges that can accompany pregnancy. Our therapists assist individuals in managing anxiety and mood difficulties during this transformative period.

  • Birth Trauma

    Addressing the impact of birth trauma, our clinicians provide a safe space for parents to share their experiences and work towards healing.

  • Pregnancy Loss

    Coping with the profound grief of pregnancy loss requires sensitivity and understanding. Our team supports individuals and couples during this emotionally challenging time.

  • Child-Parent Attachment Difficulties

    Fostering a strong bond between parents and their children is essential. Our services include strategies and interventions to enhance child-parent attachment.

  • Perinatal Relationship Issues

    Recognising the unique dynamics of relationships during the perinatal period, we offer support to couples, addressing challenges and fostering communication and connection.

Situated in Dapto, The Pine Tree Clinic is deeply rooted in the local community, providing accessible and compassionate mental health services to parents and families.

Let us be your partners in navigating the beautiful journey of parenthood, offering guidance and support to ensure the well-being of both parents and their precious little ones.